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Stop throwing away money texting wrong numbers.

Phones are in hand many of our waking hours, so its only natural that SMS is growing in popularity, and in some demographics replacing email altogether.

However phone numbers are notoriously dirty, incomplete numbers, incorrect formatting, or simple fakes, all add up to paying for outreach to numbers that shouldn't be there to begin with. Better results and lower costs. Good work!

Nobody likes an email with the wrong name.

Email lists are often full of incorrectly inputted, fabricated on the spot, or disposable emails, leading to high bounce rates and potential flagging for spam and misuse. We can remove the fakes, uNifY capitalisation, and validate their authenticity.

Undeliverable mail is a costly expense.

Addresses are a nightmare for a few reasons. Depending on how info was collected and then stored, a common problem is a contacts full name and street address for example: Gavin Belson 1 Hooli way Silicon Valley CA. are all stored in the 'name' field. Often this will mean the corresponding fields fo are left blank.

Amend can clean that up, and put it all back they way it should be in the CRM.

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